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Social Media - The Lady Doth Protest Too Much!

For too long, the public has been fed pablum to expand consumerism, or worse, initiate conflict, now we have a device that truly democratizes the truth by providing unvarnished data points, so varied and dynamic the public is able to triangulate the truth better than ever before. From disclosure of the NSA’s surveillance on Americans, to the Arab spring - now apparently catching up to Iran - to a President able to use the bully pulpit more effectively without the drag of a middleman, social media has liberated the truth.

The “slow-walk” of a constant barrage against this democratization of information is emblematic of the 4th estate’s realization they’re playing with their own lifeblood - censorship vs sustaining old business models. They’d do democracy a favor by siding with the first amendment. Don’t worry about the kids, any parent will tell you they’re resilient, and in the long-run will be better off living in a society based on the truth vs being surveilled and manipulated.

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