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“Sh@thole” State of the Union

President Trump’s recent use of a profane euphemism to describe very third world country’s has, of course, provoked a still-stunned media into their rote reactionary accusations of bigotry. Yes, the President is using bigotry to divide, much as Republicans used abortion and Dems use abusive use of force as social wedges. There’s nothing new to report here.

Conversely, the media could be using the president’s coarseness to educate an oblivious American public about how those sh@thole countries became so impoverished even as many have rich natural resources. Many countries in Africa were exploited for their riches by early colonialism, which morphed into mercantilism before the current neoliberal proliferation. Much of Latin America has been pummeled by US stigmatization of socialism, which tends to be the response for countries hit by disaster, both natural and manmade.

The Press would do us all a favor in not attempting to make the case for Trump’s bigotry, but rather make the case that economic aid and global trade incentives should be focused on reversing the historical exploitation that’s created such conditions and now threaten European stabilization and our social order.

So, we head into the State of the Union speech, with the swirl of corruption wrife in the angry air of divide. Divide between gender, race, tradional values, religion and atheism, life, liberty, happiness, money, power, survival...basically the same issues we've faced throughout time. The State of the Union speech is like the “Prom” for the establishment; it rarely leads to anything good and usually is remembered for its tears - rallying cry for war!

It will be interesting watching this year for a President who isn’t shy to extemporaneous comments. Like a standup comedian who has run-through his material, Trump may turn to pointing out certain attendees; some for praise and some for scorn. If it happens, it certainly will be must see TV:

The President:

“I see we have Adam Schiff in the House. Adam, I look forward to watching you eat your hat after I’m exonerated by Mueller - you know we have too much on the former administration, FBI and NSA for them to do anything. Oh look, Diane Feinstein, can someone please wake her up and wipe the drool from her mouth. David Nunes...Noony, the you man. Let’s see...(hand held to forehead) where’s Bernie...oh there he is, I should’ve known way up top under the overhang with the rest of the Reds - is Poco...oh yes she’s there, Hi Liz! Eat your hearts out!”

Something like that!

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