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Social Order

Social Order

The Good Socialist

Humble servant;

obedient and loyal.

Who tills the soil

and minds the ledger.

On a level field;

empathetic at large.

Sows happiness;

reaps peace.

Risks of the shield.

The Good Socialist

Inclusive and thoughtful;

humane over growth.

Justice is rooted,

decorum of generosity.

As calamity prevails,

life gathers to exists.

Hanging onto a reset;

brick-lines and soup.

Trade is forlorned.

The Good Socialist

Keeps little, shares much.

Inward first;

an unquenchable thirst.

Justice for all.

First to respond;

principled and true.

Sacrificial duty;

common good.

Sustenance of species.

The Good Capitalist

Bold Explorer;

solitude and strength.

Who risks all to see.

Cares little for worry!

On the edge of civility.

Lingering and watchful;

exploitative, enterprising.

Endures peace.

Opportunity of chaos.

The Good Capitalist

Ownership as sanctity;

laboring momentum.

Will not abide fools.

Prosper or die!

Division of life.

Adherent to efficiency;

theology of surplus.

Orthodoxy of growth.

Builder without peer.

The Good Capitalist

Community impedes progress.

Relentless warring;

depletion of inputs.

Human capital is cheapened.

Social Order

Socialist creates laws;

stymied analysis.

Capitalist creates market;

unruly trade.

Hell's Kitchen.

Recognition of deficiency;

compromised principles?

Border walls;

tariff's due.

Representation to tax.;

Social Order

Capitalist owns;

Socialist legislates;

pendulum swings;

blood evades mortar.

In deadlocked debate,

calamities happen.

Humanity's reset!

Justice is rooted;

prosper or die!

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